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After creating content for both themselves and other brands, Calli and Devon have reached millions of people through their video content. With a commitment to quality, a close eye on all ongoing trends, and a strong sense of what makes an exceptional video, we've helped our clients reach new potential customers, reinforce their brand's credibility, and better connect with the audience they already have. 

I Feel Kind of Free - 4.6M views

This video got a total of 4.1 million views on Instagram Reels. The engagement received on this video was over 350K likes, 400 comments, 43K saves and 27K shares.

Emily in Paris True or False - 2.6M views 

This video got 2.6 million views on Tiktok and garnered over 100K likes, 406 comments, and 242 shares.

This video got a total of 1.4M views on Instagram as well as 59K likes, 4K shares, and 6.9K saves.

American in French Outdoor Bars - 2.9M views 

This video got a total of 2.3 million views on Instagram and 533K views on TikTok. It garnered over 48K likes, 550 comments, and 300 shares.

California Lifestyle - 1.6M views

On Instagram Reels, this video received 1.6 million views, 74K likes, 300 comments, 1.6K shares and 4K saves.

Wave After Wave - 1.4M 

Things in my French Apartment - 1M views

With 1M views on Instagram and 20K views on TikTok, this video garnered 11K+ likes and 230 comments. 

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