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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: Not-So-Secret Finds

The holidays can be a crazy time of year and they come at you fast. One second you're pulling scarves and light jackets out of the back of the closet and the next thing you know its December 1st and you don't even know what you're getting your boyfriend for Christmas. Here we are 10 days from Christmas and I'm still struggling to find last minute presents for my family and friends.

I try to do my shopping from small-businesses because I love knowing I'm helping someone follow their dreams so this gift guide only has products from small-businesses (and they're all women owned!). I hope this guide helps you check someone off of your holiday shopping list for this year or at least inspires you! Keep reading to find our 5 Not-So-Secret holiday gift finds.

1/ Bubble and Bead - Butterly Hoops ($23)

These are the cutest little hoops and are such a bargain! These little babies are made with 16K gold huggie hoops and colored butterfly charms and can even be mixed and matched. What I love about Bubble and Bead is that they aim their collection towards the everyday girl (or boy!) which makes all of their pieces wearable for day-to-day. I like buying more casual pieces for gifts because I know the gift will be worn & loved. Get them here.

2/ Lola Audrey - Girls Girls Girls Phone Case ($35.99)

I've been following the lovely Lola Audrey (@lolaaaudrey) for over a year on Instagram now and instantly loved her kitschy, feminine, and colorful feed and her art pieces are no different. This is one of her phone cases that I love and find super original and girly, but she also has a bunch of other cool designs! Phone cases are a great gift because then tend to take a lot of wear and tear (especially if you're dropping your phone every day like I am) so odds are your loved one will need a new one sooner or later. Check out her Society 6 page here!

3/ Wooden Spoon Herbs - Venus Potion ($26)

Woodenspoon herbs was started by Lauren Haynes, a clinical herbalist, and is a line you could get lost for hours in having everything from teas to tinctures to skincare. I love a lot of her and her team's creations, but this is the tincture or ~potion~ that I suggest to literally everyone I know. It's made with tangy schisandra which has adaptogenic qualities and supports hormone function and the aphrodisiac shatavari which translates loosely to "she with one hundred husbands" which will awaken your femininity. This magic promises to bring you "relaxation and a sensual state" in all that you do which will be the perfect gift for any single or taken lady in your life who wants to add a product that will make her feel more sexual, soft, and beautiful to her day-to-day routine. Get it here.

4/ Susan Alexandra - Moo Card Wallet ($60)

I actually met Susan Alexandra in July 2017 at a pop-up shop on Canal Street in NYC after following her on Instagram for a while and loving her stuff. Since then she's continued to create the jewelry I've always loved and has created a mega-popular line of beaded bags that resemble candy, and rainbows, and fruit, and all that is good in the world. Her bags may have you dipping into your savings, but these cute little wallets still give you a taste of her signature style and will have you smiling every time you take out your metro card or give a dollar to a street musician. Find it here.

5/ Fat of the Land - St. John's Wort Oil ($24) and Cedar & Seaweed Soaking Salts ($18)

Fat of the Land is another great brand that utilizes herbs to make their products. It was started by another herbalist, Anja Schwartz Rothe, who will have you filling up your pantry, bathroom, and bookshelves with her elixirs, massage oils, and wellness guides. Spoil your "giftee" with a spa package that will relax and ground them to the core. They'll love the Cedar & Seaweed Soaking Salts that provides a variety of benefits including reducing muscular tension and supporting skin health. They'll also enjoy this warming St. John's Wort Oil massage blend that provides "anti-inflammatory and analgesic support." Get them here.

I hope you enjoyed taking a tour of some of my favorite products and that this helped you ease the stress of holiday shopping (if not you might need to engage in some self-love and treat yourself to a little something). Thanks for reading!



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