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here to send unengaging, unoriginal content packing 

Did you know that brand engagement rises by 28% when consumers are exposed to both professional content and user-generated product video? Fill the gap between traditional UGC and influencer-generated content with our expertly crafted services. 

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Instagram Reel Production

It can feel like you need an entire social media team to keep up on social media these days. Luckily, our Reel Production is available in a variety of packages and can include everything you need to share compelling video content with your audience. From curating trending sounds to crafting data-informed mood boards to producing reels your community loves, our reels are here to upgrade your current content. Check out some of our viral content here

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Social Media Strategy

Looking to create your own content, but don't know where to start? Our social media strategy might be perfect for you. This package includes a curated collection of trending sounds, content creation ideas, and tips based on the latest social trends all with your community and values at the heart of it all.  Offered as a weekly, monthly, and quarterly service.

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SEO Blog Post

Quality long-form SEO blog posts can bring potential customers right from Google to your virtual doorstep whether that be a blog, online store, or publication. Written content allows you to target your exact audience and maintain expertise, authority, and trust in your niche. 

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TikTok Production

If you've ever felt like TikTok is a lot like the wild west, you're not alone. With incredible growth and reach opportunity, TikTok has shown again and again how it can completely change a business' trajectory. Available in a variety of packages, our TikTok production includes trend curation, data-informed mood boards, and videos crafted with your exact audience in mind.

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Trend Curation

No time to look through Instagram and TikTok for up and coming trends? We got you. With this package, you'll recieve weekly trending sounds, hashtags, effects, and ideas plus content creation tips to inspire you to create trending content of your own. Offered as a weekly, monthly, and quarterly service. 

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Instagram + TikTok Story Production

One of the most organic and authentic forms of video on social media, stories are an undeniable way to connect directly with your community. Our story production packages provide engaging content in order to make that coveted personal connection with those who follow you. 

What our clients are saying...


Julie Roth, The Magnolia Company

Calli has been an amazingly valuable social media consultant for our business. The posts she has developed is full of content that continues to build engagement with our audience. We are thrilled that Calli is part of our team!

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