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We create on-brand and on-trend written and video content for value-based brands, creators, and public figures. Specialists in creative direction, short-form video content, and content strategy, we're here to communicate your vision in a variety of mediums. Learn more about our offerings here (10).gif


Wooish is a home for brands looking for high-quality, expertly-crafted social media content that is on-brand and on-budget. 


Whether it be a sustainable clothing brand or a wellness influencer, we've worked with big and small to create content that connects, converts, and communicates your exact values, goals, and interests.  

Here at Wooish, we believe in equal parts science and spirit, intuition and intellect. This is because we know that the best content is informed by trends, statistics, and analytics as well as innovation, originality, and authenticity. (9).gif


Lovers of travel, wellness, beauty, and sustainability ourselves, we work for brands within the market we know and love. Many of our clients are brands whose products we used before working together because we believe a true love and understanding for a product and its market is key to great content. 


Here are some of the incredible brands we've worked with: Rosetta Stone, Target, Neutrogena, Skillshare, Poshmark, Youth to the People, Alo Yoga, Hero, The Magnolia Company, Create & Cultivate, Nuuly, Book of the Month, Mate the Label, Pangaia, French Learner Brentwood Home, and more. 


We'd love to add you to the list if you think you'd be a good fit. You can check out some of our content and brand work here


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Photographer, Videographer, Creative
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As a child, I made it my personal responsibility to make videos of every family trip, every friendship hang out, and every major event. The videos were nothing more than a compilation of photos pieced together on Windows Movie Maker with the most popular song at the time playing in the background.


In 10th grade, I got my first SLR film camera and learned how to utilize a dark room to develop film photos. Shortly after I received my very first DSLR camera, the Canon Rebel T3i. Learning the ins and outs of both of these cameras only grew my desire to travel and capture memories via photography.


I attended The University of South Carolina and studied Chemical Engineering with a focus in Materials and continued my hobby of photography on the side. During my time in undergrad, my love for creating content only grew until in my last semester at USC, Devon Nicole was born.


My Youtube channel started as a creative outlet to save the memories that my friends and I made in our last semester of school together. As I posted more, I became more comfortable sharing my life on the internet.

After graduating, I did not intend to start a full-time chemical engineering job until later into the year, so I invested all of my time into creating Youtube content.


The year 2020 was difficult for us all, but I tried tirelessly to create and capture memories that would replace the bad. After an insane year of growth and amazing opportunities, I decided to jump into content creation full time.


On my social media platforms, I create a wide variety of content including travel, photography, sustainable fashion, and so many things in between.


I love the art of creating content whether it is organic or content that I am creating for a brand that I admire. I am passionate about finding the sweet spot in my audience; what they really love engaging with and what they value. For the past few years, I have been able to do this for myself and now, I would love to help brands reach their highest content creating potential.  

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Producer, SEO Blogger, and Digital Marketer
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Growing up with a speech therapist mother and a videographer father, I've always known the power of a carefully chosen word and just the right shot. 


Originally wanting to be an artist, I have always been drawn towards unique forms of expression and how to best communicate with those around me. 


In college, this brought me to an English major where I took both creative and professional writing classes. And then eventually to France as a part-time English teacher.  


Looking for a way to fill my extra time and satisfy my need for creativity,  I quickly began working as a freelance digital marketer and content creator, focusing on both written and visual content.


During this time, I wore many hats. From social media manager to SEO blogger to content producer to podcast host, as a freelancer I had the opportunity to create content for big and small brands around the world.


From Rosetta Stone and Skillshare to locally-owned yoga studios, my passion for creating, communication and community-building is the string that has tied all of my work together.


Now, finally ready to create content for myself and the brands I loves most, I co-founded Wooish not only as a place to share my expertise with others, but also to create content for brands struggling to keep up with the sheer mass of video and written content neede to grow on the internet nowadays.


As a professional video producer for Skillshare and self-taught videographer on social media, I've crafted multiple viral videos and garnered over 10 million views when having less than 10k followers.


As a blogger, I've helped businesses bring multiple blog posts to the front pages of Google, largely increasing their organic traffic. 


Now, I love helping more brands do the same.  

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